Standard Haircut $30

(most common)

High and tight or maybe you just want to look as good as you did 6 weeks ago. We cut it how you like it. This includes women, too. We can trim it up or add some layers, but we keep it simple so there's limited heat styling after.

Deluxe Haircut (N/A)

Every once in awhile, a customer requests something a little more advanced (a stacked bob, for example) and to be honest, the truck isn't really set up for that because we excel at quick, convenient spray bottle haircuts. We're happy to refer you to a brick-and-mortar salon/barbershop that is more equipped for your request.

All haircuts include an essential oil hot towel at the end. Take a moment and treat yourself.


Buzz $20

One length clipper guard all over.

Maintenance $10

Trim up around the ears and neck only.

Bang Trim $10

Friends don't let friends cut their own bangs.

Kids Cut $20

A smaller version of our standard haircut for kids 12 and under.


Beard Trim $15

Tame the beast.


Get your beard cleaned up during your haircut service.


Product available to purchase

We carry Kevin Murphy, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, and 18.21 Man Made.

We also carry Kansas City specific items that are not hair related. Stop by the truck to see the goods.